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The Breathlace


Introducing the tool that's helped thousands overcome their anxiety and kick their vaping habits to the curb!

All by simply by harnessing the power of breathing and oral fixation to de-stress the mind & body. 

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Midnight Black
Midnight Black
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Comes with a FREE Breathlace Guide & 21 Day Vape Detox Plan

Quick Relief

100% Natural

Premium & Safe Materials

A Research Backed Solution For Relieving Anxiety & Quitting Vaping

Feel your stress levels drop with every breath, giving you an all new sense of calm. In those moments where you feel yourself reaching for the vape, simply grab your Breathlace™ & inhale slowly, then exhale.

It works by..

  • Creating resistance to the airflow, which encourages slower & more controlled breaths

  • Acting as a visual cue 

  • Anchoring your attention to your breath

So you can..

  • Instantly feel more relaxed & calm

  • Kick the Vape and Cigarettes to the curb

  • Focus better on the task at hand

Trusted By Thousands

"After reading many reviews, I finally took the leap.. I wasn't really expecting it to work as I've tried nicotine gum and patches previously with no joy.


However, not only is the quality amazing but it actually helped me quit vaping! I highly recommend to anyone else struggling to quit"


"Using my Breathlace has been a vital part of my journey to quit smoking. It's an easy reminder to pause, breathe, and break free from the smoking"

Dana L.

"Okay, this Breathlace is actually a total stress eraser. I used to vape to unwind, but now I'm all about those deep breaths."

Jen S.

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How To Use The Breathlace

Feel your the stress leaving your body with one quick & simple exercise


Deeply through your nose


For 5 seconds


Through your Breathlace


5 times until calm

"It's Too Expensive"

Vaping isn’t just an unhealthy habit. It’s an expensive one too! It costs the average user $646 per year - think of all the extra things you could do with that money! 


In comparison, the Breathlace is crafted from ultra-strong & 100% safe materials so it will last a lifetime, for a fraction of the cost!

A Proven Nervous System Hack

Each breath that you take will help activate your body’s relaxation response, thus regulating your heart rate & blood pressure, reducing stress & anxiety, and enhancing mental clarity. 

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Your Smoke-Free Companion

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with the Breathlace™ by your side. Whether you’re on a night out, hard at work or simply at home, the Breathlace™ is right there with you to help break the habit.

Why Choose Us?

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Backed By Science

“Deep breathing can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.”

“Breathing exercises can help to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost your energy levels.”

“Breathing exercises can help to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost your energy levels.”


Why Can't I Just Breath On My Own?
Is There Any Science Behind This?
Won't A Straw Have The Same Affect?
What's In It?
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